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As London’s Mortgage Broker I work with 35+ Mortgage Lenders to get you the Best Mortgage Rate. Available 24/7, Call or Text 519-860-2102 to go over your options.

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Mortgage Broker London Ontario

Mark Mitchell – London’s Mortgage Broker

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Mortgage Refinancing

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Mortgage Broker London Ontario

Mortgage Broker London Ontario

Mortgage Broker London Ontario

Mortgage Broker London Ontario – Available 24/7, I offer Mobile Mortgage Broker Services to London Ontario and Surrounding Area. Call or Text 519-860-2102 for Details

“When you use the Right Mortgage Broker, you get the Best Mortgage Rate”

As a Licensed Mortgage Broker in London my job is to provide you with the best mortgage rate possible, in a professional and timely manner.


What is a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage Broker London Ontario

Ontario Best Mortgage Rates

With access to over 35+ Lenders I provide every client with customized solutions to their personal finances and mortgage needs.

Many of my lenders offer lower mortgage rates than those provided by the big banks. See the chart below for an example of how using a Mortgage Broker in London can help save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage!

Best 5 Year Fixed Mortgage
Ontario Mortgage Rates Example

Mortgage Brokers in London are able to provide the best mortgage rates and products that suits your needs.

Mortgage Broker London Ontario

TermPosted RateMy Rate
1 Year Fixed Mortgage8.097.69
2 Year Fixed Mortgage7.696.76
3 Year Fixed Mortgage7.35.39
4 Year Fixed Mortgage7.095.19
5 Year Fixed Mortgage7.144.89
7 Year Fixed Mortgage7.36.54
10 Year Fixed Mortgage7.76.59
Variable Rate MortgagePrime Minus 1.00
Rates are OAC and Subject to Change

Mortgage Broker London

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Fastest Response Time of all Mortgage Brokers in London

I am a firm believer in being prompt, answering questions quickly and always being available. I strive to maintain the fastest response time in London, with an overall average of 10 minutes, Call or Text 519-860-2102 and, unless already with a client, I will respond within a matter of minutes.

London Ontario Mortgage Broker Services

London Ontario Mortgage Broker Services

First Mortgages Ontario First Time Home Buyer

I use a number of Lenders which offer lower interest rates than those offered by traditional banks. You can use the Free Mortgage Payment Calculator and the Lowest Mortgage Rates to get a rough idea of what your monthly payments would be!

If you are purchasing a new home and want the best interest rate in Ontario Contact Me .

Searching for a Home? See https://www.Realtor.ca for homes in London Ontario.

Mortgage RenewalsRenew My Mortgage

If it is time to renew your mortgage then it is time to shop for the best interest rates available in Ontario. My Mortgage Rates are lower than the banks’ rate and I can save you thousands of dollars off the price of your mortgage. Given the savings and the long term commitment involved in renewing your mortgage it is worth a Free Consultation.

Mortgage RefinancingRefinance Your Mortgage

Many people opt to Refinance their Current Mortgage as a means to tap their home equity. This can be done for Debt Consolidation, Home Renovations (adding a new garage, a new kitchen, etc) or just to add some positive cash flow. Some of my lenders will lend for a total of 95 percent of the value of your home’s value.

A recent study by CMHC found that the majority of people who refinance their mortgage through a Mortgage Broker do so in order to save money. Indeed, with mortgage rates that most often lower than that of the big banks I can save you thousands on the cost of refinancing your mortgage.

Credit IssuesBad Credit mortgages

If you have had credit issues in the past, are or currently facing some challenges with your credit I can help! I have access to multiple lenders that deal specifically with mortgages for people that have had some credit challenges. I have helped many home buyers that have been bankrupt, have had a consumer proposal, or have had collections buy a home..

Equity TakeoutHome Equity Loan

If you are looking for a Home Equity Line of Credit, or need to take equity out of your home in one large sum I can help! I have numerous lenders that specialize in helping people utilize the equity in their home, with various programs available.

Private Mortgage LendersPrivate Mortgage Lenders - Mortgage Broker

Every Mortgage is unique and sometimes traditional financing options are not available. I have multiple private lenders who specialize in unique mortgage options. They can close a mortgage quickly and are receptive to your unique situation.

Investment PropertiesInvestment Properties - Mortgage Broker London Ontario

I have helped numerous people purchase an investment property to help in their long term financial planning. If you are looking to purchase a rental property book a Free Consultation to go over your options.

Debt ConsolidationDebt Consolidation

If you own your own home I can help consolidate your debt into one lower monthly payment. This will often help fix your credit and put your down the right path. Before looking into Bankrupcty or Consumer Proposal book a Free Consultation to go over your options.

Mortgage Broker ServicesMortgage Broker London Services

More Mortgage Broker London Ontario Services – Mortgage Refinancing, Mortgage Refinancing, First Time Home Buyers, Equity Takeout, etc.

Best Mortgage RatesGet the Best Mortgage Rates

With the Best Mortgage Rates I specialize in saving you money on your mortgage!

Reverse MortgagesReverse Mortgage

Access up to 55 Percent of your Home’s Value.

Mortgage PreapprovalMortgage Preapproval

Get Preapproved for a Mortgage before Shopping for a Home.

Most Real Estate Agents agree, submitting an offer backed by a Mortgage PreApproval, without a Finance Condition, is more likely to get your Offer to Purchase accepted.

Client Testimonials

Mark has helped me out for years! He always gets back to me right away and has even visited my home in Port Stanley to help get things done. I recommend Mark to all my friends and family! Thanks so much Mark for all of your continued assistance 🙂

Wayne C
Wayne C

Mark helped us get a house within a few months after we’ve given up hope! Almost going on a year in this place and couldn’t have done it without him. Would recommend, thanks Mark!


Mark has helped me and my family a few times. Mark gives great advice and helped us get a house when we never though get we could. If you need a mortgage call Mark!!!!

See More Testimonials



Mortgage Broker London Ontario

Mortgage Success Story

“We wanted to pull some money out of our house to pay off debt and do some renovations. Me and my husband were advised by our bank to find a Mortgage Broker. After leaving a few messages with some other Brokers we found online we finally called Mark.

I sent him a text and to my surprise he got back to me almost immediately.

Long story short, within a few weeks we paid off our credit cards and had money left over to re-do the kitchen and enjoy the summer. I would highly recommend that you call Mark for all of your mortgage needs!!”

Fast Mortgage Pre Approval

Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents
Mortgage Broker and a Mortgage Agent

While the terms Mortgage Broker and Mortgage Agent are similar, and Mortgage Brokers and Mortgage Agents fulfill many of the same functions, it is important note that there is in fact a difference.

Mortgage Brokers are only allowed to obtain their Broker License after completing at least two years as a Licensed Mortgage Agent. Following two years of Mortgage Agent experience applicants must then complete two Phases of further education, followed by an examination, after which they can apply to be a Licensed Mortgage Broker.

According to Canadian Mortgage Trends the main difference between a Mortgage Broker is that, “…a mortgage broker is a firm or person licensed to deal in mortgages and employ mortgage agents” while “A mortgage agent is an individual authorized to deal in mortgages on behalf of a mortgage broker.”

London Ontario Home Prices

The housing market in London has been red hot in recent years, with home prices going up nearly 10 percent in some areas. Given the rise in home prices the use of a Mortgage Broker will enhance the affordability of your home. As Mortgage Brokers tend to get lower Mortgage Rates, and have access to lower rates through credit unions, you can expect a lower qualifying rate for conventional purchases. This will allow you qualify for bigger mortgage, and therefore a higher home price.

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do?

What Does a Mortgage Broker Do

From your initial one-on-one meeting, to mortgage application, shopping or the Best Mortgage Rate, I try to make the Mortgage Process as smooth as possible!

Ontario Mortgage Rates
Best Fixed Mortgage Rate

Current Mortgage Rates in London Ontario are very low compared to historical standards. By using the mortgage rates of Mortgage Broker, rather than one of the big banks, you will save thousands of dollars regardless of the mortgage term. In an ideal scenario, under a 5 year fixed closed mortgage term there is upwards of $8,000 in savings, which will translate into a much lower monthly mortgage payment.

Fixed Rate Mortgages

As shown above with the best Mortgage Rates in Ontario, using a Mortgage Broker will save you thousands on a Fixed Rate Mortgage. With a Fixed Rate Mortgage you can rest assure that your monthly mortgage payment will not go up or down over the life of your term. Whether it is a 5 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate with a 25 year amortization period or a Ten Year Fixed Rate with a 30 year amortization period, your monthly mortgage payment will never change.

Variable Rate Mortgages

In contrast to the static monthly mortgage payments inherent in Fixed Rate Mortgages, the monthly mortgage payment with Variable Rate Mortgages changes based on the Prime Rate of the Bank of Canada. While closed mortgage rates are historically very low, you can save even more money with a variable rate mortgage.

Currently the Lowest Variable Mortgage Rate is Prime-1.05, with the Prime Rate being 3.95 – This means on a Variable Mortgage the current mortgage rate would be 2.9 percent. Compared to the 5 year Fixed Mortgage Rate of 3.05 a Variable Rate Mortgage is very attractive.

Should you decide to refinance your mortgage prior to the end of the mortgage term the mortgage penalty is much less with a variable rate mortgage than it is with a closed rate mortgage. With Variable Rate Mortgages the penalty is equal to three months interest. In contrast, with Closed Rate Mortgages the penalty is the greater of three months interest or the Interest Rate Differential (the difference between the current mortgage rate and the posted rate at the time of the mortgage application).

For more on the pros and cons of Fixed Rate Mortgages and Variable Rate Mortgages see the How Do I Get a Mortgage Guide.

Open Mortgages

In contrast to Fixed or Variable Rate Mortgages, Open Mortgages do not have a penalty for repaying early, enabling you to payout your mortgage at anytime without penalty. Although the Mortgage Rates on these types of loans are typically higher, they do enable some flexibility in the repayment of your mortgage.

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Mortgage Broker London Ontario – Fastest Response Time

I understand that when you have questions about your Mortgage that a a few hours to receive a response can seem like an eternity! I specialize in providing a fast response time to all inquiries, questions or comments. My Yelp Page shows an average of 10 minute turnaround time for all responses.

As I do with all of my clients, when we are awaiting a response from the mortgage lender we will touch base every day just to keep in constant contact. I believe in keeping my clients well appraised of the status of their applications. Nothing is worse than not being in the know!

Please Feel Free to Call or Text me at (519)860-2102.

Mark Mitchell – Mortgage Broker London Ontario
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