Mortgage Preapproval

Pre Approved Mortgage

Mortgage Preapproval

Mortgage Preapproval

Prior to going shopping for a Mortgage it is always best to get Preapproved for a Mortgage. In markets such as London Ontario where sellers are more likely to sell to those who have already been preapproved for a mortgage, you gain an edge by having a Mortgage Preapproval in hand!

By having a Pre Approved Mortgage you show Home Sellers that you are Serious and Ready to Buy a Home!

Benefits of a Mortgage Preapproval

One Credit Check

Get access to 35+ lenders with only one credit check!.

Better Able to Buy a Home

With a Preapproval in hand you have more negotiating power than those who have not been Approved for a Mortgage.

Know How Much you can Purchase

By obtaining a Mortgage Preapproval you will know how much you can afford prior to shopping for a home.

Complete the following form and, OAC, receive your Mortgage Preapproval within 24 hours!

By using a Mortgage Broker for your Preapproval you gain the advantage of only having your credit checked once! Rather than going to multiple banks which may, or may not, approve you for a mortgage, by using a Licensed Mortgage Broker your credit is only checked once prior to approval! Following your application I do the shop for your Mortgage Preapproval for you!

When you shop for a home with a Preapproval in hand you are better equipped to submit an offer than one do is not preapproved. By having a Mortgage Preapproval you are able to tell the seller that you have done your research, know what you can afford, and consulted a professional.

When buying a home more information is better than less! By undergoing the process of obtaining a Mortgage Preapproval you have retained expert counsel on your budget requirements.

Now shop for a home!

One you have been preapproved you are now well-equipped to shop for a home! Contact your Real Estate Agent and tell them you are preapproved and would like to begin looking for a home. You can also visit, the old “, to see what is available in your price range and desired neighborhood!

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me, or Call or Text me at 519-860-2102.