Stop a Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Stop a Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Stop a Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Available 24/7 Call or Text Mark Mitchell – London’s Mortgage Broker – 519-860-2102

Stop a Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Sometimes life throws us unexpected curveballs and we need a little help. Be it from illness, unexpected expenses, etc, If your house is going Power of Sale or is under Foreclosure I can Help!

Unlike the traditional and non-traditional banks Private Mortgage Lenders lend based off the home’s equity. If you owe less than 80 Percent of the value of your home I can help stop a power of sale or foreclosure from moving forward.

How Does it Work?

If you receive a notice from the lender stating your home is being sold under “Power of Sale” Call or Text me at 519-860-2102. We will meet and go over an application right away. Following the application I will have a Mortgage Commitment ready within 24 hours. We then have an appraisal completed. So long as the home is in decent condition and you owe less than 80 percent of what it is worth the Private Mortgage Lender will Stop the Power of Sale or Foreclosure.

Keep Your Home

A Private Mortgage Lender can Stop the Power of Sale and help you keep you home!.

Quick Closing

Provided all documents are ready, a Private Mortgage Lender can Close a Mortgage quickly.

Fix Your Credit

Stopping the Power of Sale is the First Step in Fixing your Credit.

Stop a Power of Sale – Now What?

Private Mortgage Lenders - Mortgage Broker

You have taken the first step, coming to see Me, Mark Mitchell, London’s Mortgage Broker – I am here to help!

The next step is for us to get together to complete a Mortgage Application. I can Come to You or we can meet in My Office.

Once we have completed a Mortgage Application I should have a Mortgage Approval ready within 24 hours (my record is 2 hours).

Following the Mortgage Approval we will need an Appraisal completed. If the Appraisal shows the home is in decent condition and is worth at least 80 percent of what is owed, we move on to Closing the Mortgage.

Private Lenders want to Close the Mortgage Quickly, and I work with a Real Estate Lawyer who can also Close the Mortgage Fast in order to prevent the Power of Sale from going through.

After we Stop the Power of Sale

After we Stop the Power of Sale we will work on fixing your credit and put you on a path to get the Best Mortgage Rate.

Develop a Plan

Debt Consolidation

Repair your Credit

Lower Monthly Debt Payments

Switch to a Better Mortgage Rate

Lower Monthly Mortgage Payments

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation and Credit Repair

After we have Stopped the Power of Sale we will enter a process to consolidate your debt, keep your monthly debt and mortgage payments low, and switch you to a much Lower Mortgage Rate.