If You Voted for Doug Ford then “Bleep” You – Lets Gain Some Perspective!

Full Disclosure – This article will attempt to cut through the Left and Right Divide which seems to characterize modern day Politics – If you do not like what is being said, just wait, the other side is coming soon 🙂

We live in a time of mud-slinging, demagoguery, and a discourse that would have made our Grandparents cringe –

The state of U.S. politics aside (whether you are on the Right or the Left), we can all agree that modern political discord is at its lowest point in modern living memory.

In the Canadian realm (we too often look to the U.S. for our understanding of the world), the tempo is getting just as unsavory – “Trudeau loves terrorists” – “Doug Ford is waging a war on the poor” – Two divergent sentiments which all-too-much permeate the mass media these days – Two seemingly diabolical sides seeking to destroy the other – Too often, especially in the days of keyboard warriors, words are written without much thought.

Perhaps Some Empathy Is In Order.

To the Left, the rich, or well-off, are waging war against the poor. They don’t care and are targeting the weakest of our society. A perfectly valid perception.

To the Right, government mismanagement has put us and, more importantly, our children, Billions if not Trillions, in debt, and something needs to be done. Another perfectly valid perception.

Who Gets What and How Much?

Lets all remember that despite the demagoguery that we sling at one another, this all comes down to Politics – The earliest written definition of which tell us is about, “Who gets what and how much” – Aristotle.

I have met a lot of people during my time as a Mortgage Agent, and even more in previous occupations (Microsoft Certified if you need Computer work done), and I have not met many people that are actually like the way they are perceived on social media, or the actual media.

I saw a post a few days ago that read something like, “If you voted for Doug Ford then F** you” – Very few are actually as vitriolic as they made themselves out to be on the internet, or in the media, or to their friends and family, etc etc (something to keep in mind as the holidays are approaching).

I seriously doubt Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, or Premiere Doug Ford, sit at their dinner table and think “how can I help terrorists?” or “how can I make it worse off for the poor?” respectively.


Whether you align with the Left or the Right, lets keep in mind that the end-goal is all the same, they just approach said goal differently – No one is out to cynically make society worse off.

Nice Article Mark? Aren’t You a Mortgage Agent?

Yes! But I do dabble in Politics, which has a direct effect on the housing market – after all, who gets what and how much?

To some, the Mortgage Stress Test, Rising Interest Rates and Booming House Prices are seen as a barrier to Home Ownership – something held dear in this and many other countries. A perfectly valid opinion.

To others they are seen as necessary evils, needed to avoid another 2008, or even worse 1929, economic meltdown that would make everyone more worse off than they would be without the safeguards – Another perfectly valid opinion.

At the end of it though, we all want what is best for the next generation – more prosperous than our own. We just approach it from different angles. We all carry certain biases with us, learned from various and often divergent life experiences.

The things that unite us are greater than the things that divide us.

Lets all try some empathy, and seek to understand the other side’s point of view.

Only then can we sift through the perceived conflict and have a real discussion about who gets what and how much.

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